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Testimonial- shashan

Naphitpicha Chotiponwarit (Shasha) – Brisbane Campus Student

“ My name is Shasha from Bangkok in Thailand.

I studied General English course at SERO INSTITUTE for 1 year and I never study English before I left Thailand but I feel that I am continually improving my speaking, reading, writing and I am lucky to have had great teachers like Valery and Daniel.

They are kind, calm and patient and I have learnt many English skills from them.

It was a great experience for me to study at SERO Institute!!

Thank you”


Tee – Brisbane Campus Student

“ Hi, I’m Tee from Thailand.

I’m studying the Commercial Cookery course at SERO Institute North Quay campus. The thing that I really love here is the practice place which is the kitchen in Sofitel Brisbane Centre. It’s very convenient and fulfilled with the professional environment, and every tool in the kitchen is usable at work.

I’m also working at Bruno Café during my studies. I can bring the knowledge from what I learn and practice at school to adapt when I’m working there. It’s very useful for my career path. ”


James – Brisbane Campus Student

Business Student

Hi, my name is James from Scotland.

I’m currently studying the Advanced Diploma of Business at SERO Institute Brisbane Campus. I play soccer at the Grange Thistle football club, and I’m also coaching junior soccer players at the Grange Thistle football club.
I’ve been studying at SERO for over a year, and I think they have great trainers & friendly staff. I’m really enjoying my time at SERO & in Australia!

Camille – Brisbane Campus Student

General English Student

“ Hi, my name is Camille from France!

I’m studying the Pre Intermediate English two days a week. I like this program because we learn a lot of English while having fun. The course has met all my expectations. ”


Gabriel – Gold Coast Campus Student

Business Student

“ Hi, I’m Gabriel from Chile.

I studied the Certificate III in Business for 6 months and liked how things are done at SERO so much that I decided to extend my studies to do Diploma in Business for one more year. I’ve seen the institute grow during that time and I think they’re doing a great job. ”


David – Brisbane Campus Student

General English Student

“ Hi, I’m David from Colombia, currently taking a General English course at SERO Institute.

It has been great!!! I have been here for 3 months and what I like most is the environment and way they teach because I can practice my English with everyone here, and people and staff are always willing to help you. SERO has completed all my expectations. ”

Tan, Xian ying

Lydia – Brisbane Campus Student

General English Student

“ Hi, I’m Lydia Tan Ying from Malaysia.

I’m studying Intermediate English at SERO Institute, starting in November 2018.

I definitely recommend this school for General English because the school gives us the best equipment, the kitchen has two ovens, water dispenser and refrigerator. I have met a lot of kind and fun teachers in this school, they are using the fun action to explain everything to me. Sometimes they will pick us out to do outdoor activities and learn from the moment.

I expect my English will become much more fluent when I graduate, and I hope the school has more students in the future. ”

Shi, Dawei

Dawei – Brisbane Campus Student

General English Student

“ Hi, I’m Dawei Shi from China.

I have studied at SERO Institute for almost a couple of months.

SERO helps me promote my English very well. Every teacher is very professional and patient.

I was never learning English before. Louis is my first teacher at SERO, I appreciate helping me learn English.

Overall, SERO Institute is a good school. I love SERO!!! ”


Zito – Brisbane Campus Student

General English Student

“ My name is Zito Ghristelle, I’m French.

I’m studying upper intermediate level English from 17 Dec 2018 until 6 of March 2019.

I started 4 weeks ago, I like my class in general, the students and teacher. We are doing grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening and some writing things.

I expected it’s good because we mix everything, so it’s formal English but we learn Australian slang too. It’s a good compromise between conscientious and funny studying. ”


Julian – Brisbane Campus Student

“ My name is Julian, I’m from Bogota Colombia.

I’m in an English course, and in April I’m going to study Commercial Cookery and Hospitality Management. I have been studying for 2 months.

I like the flexible schedule because I can do many other things, also I like that the course allows me to practice my speaking. I like the program a lot, maybe I would like more organised about the books but in general, it’s really good. ”

Kim, Eun-ju

Eun-Ju – Brisbane Campus Student

General English Student

“ Teachers prepare their classes enthusiastically and they have ways of teaching foreigners. They use various activities to interest us.

I have studied English here for six weeks. I was too shy to speak English before but I more confidently speak English now because the teachers create receptivity. ”


Han-Ting Yan – Brisbane Campus Student

Commercial Cookery Student

“ Hi, my name is Han-Ting Yan, studying the Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery.

I enjoy the practical classes in the kitchen, we learn all about kitchen environment. My lecturer Mark teaches us all cooking methods step by step.

I would recommend SERO to all future students who want to study commercial cookery. ”


Felipe – Perth Campus Student

Business Student

“ Studying at SERO Institute Perth Campus was a great experience. All the staff are very kind and helpful; and the trainers are highly qualified and supportive.

I could achieve my goals with success because of that. I just wanna thank SERO Institute for everything. ”

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