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Choose SERO Institute as your vocational training provider. We are renowned hotel management school, cooking college and a business college. With campuses in Brisbane, on the Gold Coast and in Perth and courses available for domestic and international students alike, our vocational school delivers leading vocational education and training courses to in Queensland and Western Australia.

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Call (+61) 1800 206 010, e-mail or get in touch online to take the first step to embarking on a new and exciting career path. We are especially looking forward to hearing from you if you are interested in vocational education and training in Australia for international students.

What course are you looking for?

Our vocational college offers vocational education and training courses in the following areas, to domestic and international students alike.

Our Campus Locations

As a world-class hotel management school, cooking college and a business college, we offer vocational education and training courses at three campus locations in Australia – Brisbane, QLD; Gold Coast, QLD; and Perth, WA. All three campuses are offering courses available to both international and domestic students. Each SERO campus includes a dedicated library, computer-equipped study spaces for individual learning, a meeting room for student counselling and support as well as a fully equipped kitchen. If you are looking for vocational education and training in Australia for international students, you will find our facilities are ready to accommodate a productive and engaging learning experience.

Brisbane Campus

Gold Coast Campus

Perth Campus

Brisbane, QLD

The SERO Institute campuses are located near the Queen Street Mall of Brisbane, at 205 North Quay in Brisbane City and in Upper Mount Gravatt, at Level 2 of the Nexus Centre on 96 Mount Gravatt-Capalaba Road; providing the high-quality vocational training Brisbane trusts to deliver improved career outcomes and in-demand skills to its students.

Gold Coast, QLD

For VET courses Gold Coast trusts to deliver industry-ready skills, SERO Institute has a campus in the heart of GC at 6-8 Scarborough St in Southport.

Perth, WA

SERO’s Perth campus located close to the city centre and a five-minute walk from train station, can be found at 28 Eighth Avenue in Maylands. Our Perth campus also includes a SERO Café and access to a fully equipped gym with sporting facilities and SERO catering.

Popular Courses

If you are not sure what to study or are still deciding on the path to take, have a look at some of our most popular vocational education and training courses below. You can learn commercial cookery at our cooking college, get qualified in hospitality at our hotel management school or acquire in-demand business skills at our business college.

Why You Should Choose to Study with the SERO Institute?

When it comes to vocational training, you should never settle on anything but the best provider. At our vocational college we deliver practical training and the kind of learning experiences that can be transferred to a real-world work environment. Develop the skills and gain the qualifications you need to improve your employment outcomes and enter the workforce with confidence in your skills and knowledge. Our vocational education and training courses will prepare you to meet industry expectations and set you on a path to a rewarding career in your chosen area of study.

Vocational Education and Training in Australia for International Students

If you already are or would like to become an international student, at SERO Institute we provide vocational education and training in Australia for international students.

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  • CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support(Ageing or Disability)
  • SIT30816 Certificate III in Commercial Cookery
  • SIT40516 Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery
  • SIT50416 Diploma of Hospitality Management BoH
  • SIT30616 Certificate III in Hospitality
  • SIT40516 Certificate IV in Hospitality
  • SIT50416 Diploma of Hospitality Management FoH
  • SIT60316 Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management
  • BSB10115 Certificate I in Business
  • BSB20115 Certificate II in Business
  • BSB30115 Certificate III in Business
  • BSB30415 Certificate III in Business Administration
  • BSB40215 Certificate IV in Business
  • BSB50215 Diploma of Business
  • BSB50415 Diploma of Business Administration
  • BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management
  • BSB60215 Advanced Diploma of Business
  • FSK10113 Certificate I in Access to Vocational Pathways
  • FSK20113 Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways
  • The General English – Elementary to Advanced Level
  • English for Academic Purposes (EAP) – Level 1 & 2
  • IELTS Preparation Level 1
  • ILETS Preparation Level 2
  • Young Learners English Program
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Take the First Step to a New and Exciting Career

Contact us by calling (+61) 1800 206 010, email us on or get in touch online and ask us about vocational education and training in Australia for international students.


Read below to find out what our past students and graduates are saying about our vocational school and the vocational education and training courses we have on offer.

“ Hi, I’m Lydia Tan Ying from Malaysia.

I’m studying Intermediate English at SERO Institute, starting in November 2018.

I definitely recommend this school for General English because the school gives us the best equipment, the kitchen has two ovens, water dispenser and refrigerator. I have met a lot of kind and fun teachers in this school, they are using the fun action to explain everything to me. Sometimes they will pick us out to do outdoor activities and learn from the moment.

I expect my English will become much more fluent when I graduate, and I hope the school has more students in the future. ”

“ Studying at SERO Institute Perth Campus was a great experience. All the staff are very kind and helpful; and the trainers are highly qualified and supportive.

I could achieve my goals with success because of that. I just wanna thank SERO Institute for everything. ”

“ My name is Julian, I’m from Bogota Colombia.

I’m in an English course, and in April I’m going to study Commercial Cookery and Hospitality Management. I have been studying for 2 months.

I like the flexible schedule because I can do many other things, also I like that the course allows me to practice my speaking. I like the program a lot, maybe I would like more organised about the books but in general, it’s really good. ”

“ My name is Shasha from Bangkok in Thailand.

I studied General English course at SERO INSTITUTE for 1 year and I never study English before I left Thailand but I feel that I am continually improving my speaking, reading, writing and I am lucky to have had great teachers like Valery and Daniel.

They are kind, calm and patient and I have learnt many English skills from them.

It was a great experience for me to study at SERO Institute!!

Thank you”

“ Hi, my name is Lovedeep & I’m from India.

I’m studying the Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery, started my studies 1 year ago on the Gold Coast campus.

My favourite thing about studying at SERO Institute is training in the kitchen, I like cooking Indian food in the class, and the teachers are very friendly. It’s easy to ask questions and understand everything quickly.

I like to play cricket on my free time and listen to rap music. ”

“ Hi, my name is Han-Ting Yan, studying the Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery.

I enjoy the practical classes in the kitchen, we learn all about kitchen environment. My lecturer Mark teaches us all cooking methods step by step.

I would recommend SERO to all future students who want to study commercial cookery. ”

“ Hi, I’m Dawei Shi from China.

I have studied at SERO Institute for almost a couple of months.

SERO helps me promote my English very well. Every teacher is very professional and patient.

I was never learning English before. Louis is my first teacher at SERO, I appreciate helping me learn English.

Overall, SERO Institute is a good school. I love SERO!!! ”

“ Hi, I’m Tee from Thailand.

I’m studying the Commercial Cookery course at SERO Institute North Quay campus. The thing that I really love here is the practice place which is the kitchen in Sofitel Brisbane Centre. It’s very convenient and fulfilled with the professional environment, and every tool in the kitchen is usable at work.

I’m also working at Bruno Café during my studies. I can bring the knowledge from what I learn and practice at school to adapt when I’m working there. It’s very useful for my career path. ”

“ My name is Renata & I’m from Brazil ?

I started the Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery 1 year ago and it has been great!

I like the practical classes, where we learn and practice at the same time, and I really enjoyed the final presentation, where we had a chance to create our own menu.

Mark is a great teacher, he’s very supportive and always willing to help. I also like the new Gold Coast campus, especially the kitchen and the facilities. ”

“ My name is Zito Ghristelle, I’m French.

I’m studying upper intermediate level English from 17 Dec 2018 until 6 of March 2019.

I started 4 weeks ago, I like my class in general, the students and teacher. We are doing grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening and some writing things.

I expected it’s good because we mix everything, so it’s formal English but we learn Australian slang too. It’s a good compromise between conscientious and funny studying. ”

Hi, my name is James from Scotland.

I’m currently studying the Advanced Diploma of Business at SERO Institute Brisbane Campus. I play soccer at the Grange Thistle football club, and I’m also coaching junior soccer players at the Grange Thistle football club.
I’ve been studying at SERO for over a year, and I think they have great trainers & friendly staff. I’m really enjoying my time at SERO & in Australia!

“ Hi, my name is Zoli from Hungary!

I’m studying the Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery and Diploma of Hospitality Management. My favourite classes are the practical ones, I like cooking seafood and desserts. Vocational Placement was also a great experience, which I completed at the QT.

I live on the Gold Coast and work at Meriton hotel, my hobbies include riding motorcycles.

Staff at the school are really helpful, and we have students from all over the world and different cultures, so I’d definitely recommend SERO Institute for international students! ”

“ Hi, I’m An Lim from Malaysia.

I’m studying the Diploma of Hospitality at SERO Institute, started in January 2018.

I think the course is very good, and Mark and Helen are great teachers. I find the campus clean and spacious, and I’d definitely recommend this school for Hospitality courses.

I live in Tweed Heads and work in a restaurant as a chef/waiter to support my studies. ”

“ Hi, I’m Joana from Brazil.

I’ve studied the Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery for 1.5 years now at the SERO Institute Gold Coast campus. I love the cooking classes, especially doing desserts.

On my days off I like to surf, and Coolangatta is perfect for that! I also work in a café as a chef.

I’d recommend SERO Institute for anyone who wants to study Commercial Cookery because I think the classes and teachers are great here. ”

“ I’ve been studying Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery at SERO Institute for 6 months now and loving it! My favourite is the cooking classes where we prepare seafood, chicken, duck and many more dishes, plus the kitchen is spacious and well equipped. Mark is super friendly and professional teacher with many years of experience in the industry, so I feel like I can learn a lot from him!

When I’m not studying hard at SERO, I enjoy doing water sports and fishing. Living and studying on the Gold Coast has definitely been one of the best experiences! ”

“ Hi, I’m David from Colombia, currently taking a General English course at SERO Institute.

It has been great!!! I have been here for 3 months and what I like most is the environment and way they teach because I can practice my English with everyone here, and people and staff are always willing to help you. SERO has completed all my expectations. ”

Meet our International Commercial Cookery student JoJo.

Jojo was placed for Vocational Placement (arranged by SERO Institute) at the fine dining Japanese Yamagen Restaurant at QT GC. After 2 weeks under Vocational Placement, QT has offered Jojo a PAID Job.

“ I love my study at SERO Institute. The trainer and staff are wonderful and very supportive with my study. I couldn’t never have got the opportunity to work and get paid wok at QT without SERO support. Thank you for SERO support ” RYOHEI SHUDO (Jojo) – SERO International Commercial Cookery Student

“ I’m Ingrid from Mexico, currently studying General English at SERO Institute. I arrived to Australia this August and have been living and studying on the Gold Coast since. I like how we use different materials, activities and group work to learn English. I’ve made new friends from my class and we’ve had many nice moments together, like having a BBQ.

I think SERO Institute is a nice environment for international students, the campus is great, teachers are friendly and I would definitely recommend it to other students! ”

“ Teachers prepare their classes enthusiastically and they have ways of teaching foreigners. They use various activities to interest us.

I have studied English here for six weeks. I was too shy to speak English before but I more confidently speak English now because the teachers create receptivity. ”

“ My name is Suwimon from Thailand.

I’m studying Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery at SERO Institute, and I love the practical classes here, especially doing pastry!

I live on the Gold Coast which is great because I love swimming and going to the beach.

I’d recommend studying here if you want a job because they have good connections and opportunities for students. Also, the trainers are really helpful and friendly! ”

“ Hi, my name is Parit (or you can call me Mike) from Thailand!

I just started my studies at SERO Institute, doing the Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery on the Gold Coast campus. I like the classes so far, campus is nice, and I find the teachers very informative.

I work as a Commis Chef at Mei Wei Dumplings at the Star Casino to support my studies. I’ve only been here for a short period of time but everything’s worked out well so far! ”

“ I’m Nikolas from Italy.

I started my studies at SERO Institute 2 years ago, doing the Advanced Diploma of Business on the Gold Coast campus.

The school has good connections and I think Abhi, Kevin and Helen are great teachers. Everything’s well described and easy to understand, though a lot of the material is on the internet, so I hope they would add a small portfolio or book to the course.

I like to go to the gym on my free time, and I work on a construction side to support my studies. ”

“ I’m Alex from the UK, studying Cert IV in Commercial Cookery at the Gold Coast campus. I started my studies in 2017 and it’s been a great experience! I especially like the practical classes and cooking in general.

I currently live in Surfers and my hobbies include gaming and cooking at home.

I’d highly recommend SERO Institute because the staff is great, and they helped me find my Vocational Placement at the Island where I now work as a Chef. ”

“ Hi, my name is Camille from France!

I’m studying the Pre Intermediate English two days a week. I like this program because we learn a lot of English while having fun. The course has met all my expectations. ”

“ Hi, I’m Kanchana from Thailand.

I’m studying Diploma of Leadership and Management, as well as the Certificate III in Business. I started my studies in September 2017 and have really enjoyed it! The school and teachers are very professional, campus is nice and clean.

I live on the Gold Coast and like to go shopping on my free time ? ”

“ Hi, I’m Gabriel from Chile.

I studied the Certificate III in Business for 6 months and liked how things are done at SERO so much that I decided to extend my studies to do Diploma in Business for one more year. I’ve seen the institute grow during that time and I think they’re doing a great job. ”

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